It’s Okay to Learn a Language Slowly

Io sono. Tu sei. Lui, lei, è. Noi siamo. Voi siete. Loro sono.

I would practise conjugating the verb ‘essere’ (to be) over and over again to myself before moving onto ‘avere’ (to have).

Io ho. Tu hai. Lui, lei ha. Noi abbiamo. Voi avete. Loro hanno.

Welcome to my language learning experience in Australia.

Perhaps it’s easier in other countries, where the main goal is to know the ‘business language’ – English. Fortunately and unfortunately, for us here in Australia, we already know English and are not well supported to learn another language even though our country is rich with multiculturalism. 

Here’s an article from SBS outlining the present climate of language learning in schools.

In my experience, finding the tools and resources to learn Italian has been difficult and lonely. Especially when I moved out to a rural area in Queensland.

This blog is here to let you know that it is okay to learn a language slowly, step-by-step, and all the ways I’ve been able to basic Italian on my own.

Andrea xo


A photo from my first trip to Italy January 2015.
This is the moment my love for red wine began.




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