Quick Update: Language Swap Partner

Last night I searched ‘Italian’ on gumtree.com.au as per my new habit.

There was an ad for a 24 year-old Italian girl looking to language swap. I messaged her immediately with a link to my Facebook. It’s become apparent to me that language swaps can be very intense and exhausting so I’m changing the way I think about language partners. I’ d like to invite her to any get-togethers that I would ordinarily organise with my close friends. Therefore, it takes the pressure of both of us and provides her a good chance to observe Australia conversation. I’m looking forward to showing her our city.

My new Italian friend is from Rome and her partner is studying here in Brisbane. She’s shy about her English. I think she’s looking for a friend, which is great, because I am too!

Wish me luck when I meet her tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Reflection: Today I met the Italian girl. She is wonderful, intelligent and looking for friends. I’ve invited her and her partner to a catch-up night with friends. I think it will be a great opportunity for her to interact with Australians and take a break to observe the natural flow of conversation between us. She’s excited to teach me some things as well. We swapped tongue twisters and will do a half-Italian, half-English language swap next time we meet. Success!

What is a must-see/do in Brisbane for newbies?

Have you tried a language swap yet? What did you like and what was challenging?

Andrea xo


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