February Language Goals

I like the idea of setting goals and tracking my progress. Up to this point, I haven’t had a platform to share my ideas and truthfully, the idea of setting grammar goals is boring for me. Not only that, but much like when I last joined a gym with grandiose visions of a toned torso sparkling in my eyes, reality is much different than dreams.

In saying that, yes I have goals but they present themselves to me in a way that’s different to what I think a language goal ‘should’ be like.


  • Use my time to see Italian friends for coffee.
  • Start Italian classes.
  • Do extra practise to ensure I can keep up in the livello tre class.
  • Just speak Italian even if I’m not sure.
  • Finally buy Italian lessons on Italki or find an online language partner.
  • Consolidate i pronomi combinati, past imperative and expressing complex thoughts.


  • Make videos for my Italian friend to learn English
  • Skype this friend
  • I’m considering learning Spanish as there is a student in my classroom who is Spanish ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s very close to Italian but I just really love Italian first and foremostly.

Andrea xo


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