How I’m Using Duolingo to Identify Gaps

This is more of a quick update, but I wanted to share with you how I’ve been using Duolingo at the moment. I came across the sentence: “Voglio che lui entri qui”.

Obviously I understood what it meant, however, I didn’t understand why ‘entri’ was used (as the verb is usually conjugated differently for all I knew).So I messaged this to my Italian friend who explained that this is the subjunctive tense. 
I found a thread on Duolingo explaining this and was shocked that I hadn’t noticed this tense before. Mostly because I had been using ‘credo che’ and ‘voglio che’ frequently and apparently incorrectly.

I returned to this unit on Duolingo and went through the lessons one-by-one. I wrote out each example in my book and underlined every example of this tense.

Then I put the verb into a table to analyse how it had been conjugated. I read each sentence discussion to gather more information.

In summary, I used Duolingo to help me overcome a weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to re-do the lessons if you don’t understand a concept. Get out a pen and some paper and do some old-fashioned study to find the patterns.

Now I can make up some of my own examples of this tense and begin using it when I speak Italian. Thanks Duo!

What is an extra activity you do with Duolingo? Leave a comment below.

Andrea xo


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