March Language Goals


Last Month’s Goals with commentary:


  • Use my time to see Italian friends for coffee.
    GREAT! I have absolutely been doing this! Sometimes I meet up with someone Friday, Saturday AND Sunday 🙂
  • Start Italian classes.
    GREAT! I’m loving it much more than last year. I can really see my improvement.
  • Do extra practise to ensure I can keep up in the livello tre class.
    N/A Not necessary as I seem to be better than the level. If I went to livello quattro then I would need to.
  • Just speak Italian even if I’m not sure.
    SO-SO Hmmn. I need to slow down, think and push myself to speak more Italian, stubbornly.
  • Finally buy Italian lessons on Italki or find an online language partner.
    POOR I started to head down this path but then got sick of the language partner rounds. I’m not ready to part with money for Italki lessons yet either.
  • Consolidate i pronomi combinati, past imperative and expressing complex thoughts.
    GOOD I still need to take more time out to write in Italian, analyse phrases and saying I use a lot. But I have done some targeted work on i pronomi combinati, subjunctive and passato prossimo.

March Goals:

  • Be patient with myself to allow time to think before speaking in Italian.
    Everyone is patient except for me.
  • Keep seeing my Italian friends and message more in Italian.
  • Begin working through the chapter reviews of my Italian grammar book.
  • Record myself reading children’s picture books in Italian to listen back later.
  • Find a movie to watch purely in Italian without subtitles at all.
  • Analyse the messages I have sent to a single friend and translate into Italian.

What are your March goals? Let me know!

Andrea xo


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