Further Your Language By Writing a Language Script

A language script can be a simple and easy way to fast track your language learning.

Create a script about your personal information that you can memorise so you are ready to talk to a local.

I’ll use an example with Italian. When I was in Italy, I would most frequently talk to locals in bars and restaurants. I would also find friends in unlikely places when I needed help with something. Therefore I had a script in my head that I could use on cue to talk about myself. I used these phrases over and over, countless times.

Excuse me? Do you speak English? My name is Andrea. I’m from Australia. I’m a primary school teacher. I’m learning to speak Italian but it’s difficult to find someone to speak with. I learned Italian by myself. I’m in Italy for ten days and then I go to Germany for ten days. Where are you from?

Mi scusi? Parla Inglese? Mi chiamo Andrea. Sono dall’australia. Sono una maestra alla scuola elementare. Sto imparando a parlare italiano ma è difficile trovare qualcuno per fare pratica. Ho imparato italiano da sola. Sono qui in Italia per dieci giorni e poi vado in Germania per dieci giorno. Di dove sei?

This is the order of my responses in most conversations.

Tip: Use Italian (or the target language) even if they say they can speak English unless you need help with something technical and specific like bus tickets or flights. This is a simple way to win over a local in Italy.

If I found that I didn’t know how to say something I would ask:
Come si dice ____ in italiano?

How do you say ________ in Italian?

Make up a range of scripts for different situations. Write them. Record them as a video. Upload them to YouTube and ask for feedback! What do you have to lose?

What is your personal language script? Leave me a comment.

Andrea xo


3 thoughts on “Further Your Language By Writing a Language Script

  1. Some great tips and tricks alloraandrea! It was challenging to learn a few new words in Danish to make my script but that’s what it’s all about in the end!

    My script:
    Hello my name is Brandon, can you spare a moment? Do you speak English? I am currently traveling around Europe and living in Denmark. I am learning to speak Danish as you can probably tell. I have some family that lives here. Have you met many Australians living in Denmark? How long have you lived here?

    And in Danish.
    Hej mit navn er Brandon, kan du spare et øjeblik? Taler du engelsk? Jeg er i øjeblikket rejser rundt i Europa og bor i Danmark. Jeg lærer at tale dansk, som du sikkert kan fortælle. Jeg har nogle familie, der bor her. Har du mødt mange australiere bor i Danmark? Hvor længe har du boet her?

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    1. This is really awesome Brandon!!! I love it. You should record yourself saying it! Thank you so much for taking time to reply 🙂


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