In my post “How I Fit Language Learning into Every Day” I mentioned that I listened to a podcast every morning. Today I want to explain further about what exactly I do. is available from the Apple Store for iOS devices.
Download it and find your target language. The available languages are: German, Italian, French, English, Spanish and Swiss German.
Next, find which podcast series is the active podcast for your language. For Italian, ‘Al Dente’ is the current series of podcast. I enjoy listening to the finished series in my spare time as well. A favourite of mine is ‘Licia Domanda’ because I appreciate the format and clear, easy-to-follow dialogue.

Here is how I currently use

  • Everyday on my morning walk I listen to the latest episode.
  • For the first week I will listen to this episode without looking at the text. Sometimes I will listen mindlessly and other times I will try hard to focus on what is being said.
  • After the first week, I find time to listen to the podcast and read along with the text. I will look up some of the vocabulary that I don’t know.
  • In the second week, I continue to listen to the episode everyday but now I have a clearer understanding of the content. During this week, I continue to pick out words and terms I don’t quite understand and research them.
  •  Then I listen to music or other sources of Italian as the podcasts last only around 12 minutes.

I find this method works best for me, as the repetition is very beneficial and so is slowly deconstructing the text. Also, through listening with this method, it doesn’t become an overwhelming chore. Some weeks I won’t look up any extra words and just enjoy what I have understood from reading and listening.

Alternatively, you may like to read the text as soon as the episode is released.

I hope you’ve found this useful.

Leave me a comment to share how you like to use podcasts! The more ideas we share, the better.

Andrea xo


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