Prepare For Language Learning the Flavell Way

Wow. Kylie Flavell. What can I say? She is an incredibly motivated and talented woman with a long list of accomplishments including having worked as a business magazine editor and publisher, filmmaker, journalist and traveller.

I watched her video: Q&A: How to Move to Italy Part 3 (Learning Italian) and really just wanted to share a fantastic trick she used when learning Italian.

When Kylie was dating or meeting with friends, she would take a piece of paper and begin brainstorming all the topics of conversation that might arise. For example, if they were meeting for gelato, she would write gelato-related questions and answers, as well as other topics of discussion.


“They didn’t realise it but literally in the hour before we were about to meet I would be there on the floor with palm cards, a dictionary and grammar books and I would make this whole flow chart on where the conversation would go. I was like, maybe he would ask me about this and then that would lead to this question so I should look up vocab about that”.

“It’s the best way to learn because you know you’re instantly going to put it into practice”.

In this video, she also reinforced the message that it’s important to only speak in Italian as much as you can to avoid being caught in the trap of only speaking English.
You can check out Kylie’s inspirational videos on YouTube here.

Photo: Still from Q&A: How to Move to Italy Part 3 (Learning Italian) by Kylie Flavell.

Have you tried this? Let me know in the comments below.

Andrea xo


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