April Language Goals

Last Month’s Goals with Commentary:

  • Be patient with myself to allow time to think before speaking in Italian.
    Everyone is patient except for me.
    Good. I’m getting better at this.
  • Keep seeing my Italian friends and message more in Italian.
    Good. I’m very lucky to have a few good friends who invite me out and I try to offer them the same 🙂 I’ve met even more people this month and will see them in the upcoming months. I’ve met an Italian girl who I will start exercising with too.
  • Begin working through the chapter reviews of my Italian grammar book.
    Okay. This is a bit boring and unengaging. But good feedback for me.
  • Record myself reading children’s picture books in Italian to listen back later.
    Good. I haven’t found this particularly useful. I enjoy reading the books to someone more than recording it.
  • Find a movie to watch purely in Italian without subtitles at all.
    Okay.  It’s difficult for me to maintain interest for any longer than half an hour. So maybe I need to change my goal to that- rewatching half an hour of a movie.
  • Analyse the messages I have sent to a single friend and translate into Italian.
    Great! I’m surprised how fun it was to go through messages about my Italy plans to my friend. I think I need to do this more frequently. I wasn’t as bad as I thought.

April Goals:

  • Listen to faster YouTubers to practise my listening skills. Clear slow bloggers are great but I need to extend myself a bit more.
  • Take Duolingo test twice this month.
  • Record a progress video once a month.
  • Complete this online intermediate Italian course while I have a two week holiday break.
  • Do the intermediate B1 test I download and printed.
  • Use ANKI flash cards to practise tricky sentences.

What are your April goals? Link me in the comment section below.

Andrea xo


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