Why Reading Children’s Books is Your Next Language Hack to Try

Ciao a tutti!

I remember going into Grade Three at school and feeling sad that I could no longer read the children’s picture books. By Grade Three, I was now a ‘big kid’ reading chapter books. However, I longed to go to the cosy book corner and use my one book loan for the week on a picture book.

Fast forward to now. I‘m now an intermediate language learner and I’ve just discovered the two Brisbane libraries with an Italian collection. Now I have a fantastic reason to read children’s books! And you too can relive that great childhood feeling.

Click here to find out if Brisbane Libraries have a collection in your target language.

Here’s what I do:

  • Read through the book casually, trying to figure out word definitions through context and prior knowledge. Don’t try too hard to understand every word.
  • Read again and translate the unknown phrases. Screenshot these to write them down later or write them in a book right now.
  • Read again and try to remember the new words. Have a think about how you can associate these words and phrases to their meanings using the book.**
  • Read every couple of days to consolidate the new words and phrases.
  • Return the book to the library and get your new book out!

**If you’re really motivated to learn your language, write out some different ways and contexts to use the new words. Practise reading, writing and recording them.


Have you used children’s books to help further your language progress?
Let me know down below!

Andrea xo


3 thoughts on “Why Reading Children’s Books is Your Next Language Hack to Try

  1. Yes! I loved reading Roald Dahl while I was growing up in Australia. And now as a primary school teacher I have them in my classroom. My students think it’s absolutely hilarious to see books they know and love written in Italian.


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