May Language Goals

Last Month’s Goals with Commentary:

First of all, I had a doozy of a month. I had a few things come up that sapped my energy and I struggled to follow my most basic of language learning habits. I’m proud to say that every day included: a podcast, Duolingo and subtitles in Italian on Netflix. I also went to my Tuesday night Italian class and had a lot of in-person Italian practice at various events with Italian friends. I think my conversational Italian has gone well but through the lack of motivation, I haven’t reviewed a lot of grammar on Duolingo as I usually would.

  • Listen to faster YouTubers to practise my listening skills. Clear slow vloggers are great but I need to extend myself a bit more.
    Okay. I can see that I’m better at understanding the podcasts I listen to. Yay!
  • Take Duolingo test twice this month.
    Nope. I’m not sure why. I really love Duolingo but I struggled this month to maintain even my streak. I missed one day, however, my streak is over 100 days.
    Go me!
  • Record a progress video once a month.
    Good. This is easy and I don’t put pressure on myself to be amazing. It’s just a candid snapshot of my ability at the time.
  • Complete this online intermediate Italian course while I have a two week holiday break.
    Nope. This did not engage me at all. My learning style requires that I enjoy or am interested in what I’m learning.
  • Do the intermediate B1 test I download and printed.
    Nope. I had a look at it.
  • Use ANKI flash cards to practise tricky sentences.
    Nope. I couldn’t find an iPhone flashcard app that suited my needs. I put ten phrases into an app which took a painstaking amount of time before realising I was only limited to ten phrases.

May Goals:

  • Listen to 2 X Ted Talks in Italian.
  • Complete one Duolingo progress test every month.
  • Write all notes and journal entries for myself in Italian.
  • Make sure to have Italian media as ‘background noise’ when I’m not watching or listening to something already. I usually do this, but I need to tighten up on this helpful habit.
  • More carefully listen to and analyse the language choices of Italian speakers.

What are your May language goals?
Leave a comment or link me your update below.

Andrea xo


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