Sharing Your Goals Helps to Achieve Them

If you’ve looked at the title and wondered how sharing your goals is a language trick, just try it out for a month and then you’ll see.

The biggest tip I can share with anyone learning a language is to share your goals with the people around you. So many fantastic opportunities have come up for me from talking about my hopes and dreams. From talking about learning Italian, I have inspired others, had fantastic opportunities to meet Italian speakers, eaten some delicious meals and had others support me.

At the start I felt a bit shy and silly when I spoke about how I want to become fluent in Italian to then become an Italian primary school teacher. But as the months have passed, I see that my dream can be achieved. And now other people share their goals with me and we help keep an eye out for opportunities that come up that will support the other.

The biggest thing is that I have this goal and I’m working towards. I’m taking the actions towards it. I pull my dream closer and closer to me each time I dare to speak it out loud.

Andrea xo


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