4 Ways to Use Netflix for Language Learning

We’ve all heard about changing audio and subtitles to our target language to immerse ourselves. Netflix is fantastic for this! 

Here are four ways to use Neflix for language learning.

  1.  Search for content in your target language.
    This is an obvious use of Netflix. Find movie or show in your language and either fully immerse yourself without subtitles, with the use of target language subtitles or English subtitles. Tailor this to your ability and goals. Watching target language content means you can analyse the conversational interactions and habits.
  2. Change content into your target language.
    Find a show or movie that you are already familiar with and change the audio into your target language. Keep the subtitles in English if you need to.
  3. Change the subtitles into the target language.
    This is one of my most commonly used ways of fitting in language learning. I find it difficult to change the audio into Italian as the show or movie becomes less engaging for me. However, I keep the subtitles in Italian and so it becomes a bit like revising my vocabulary through flash cards. As I’m a quick reader, this is a great way to fit in Italian, while watching an enjoyable show.
  4. Watch a foreign show with subtitles in the target language.
    Finally, my favourite thing to do! Last year I was watching a Korean show and out of curiosity, I changed the subtitles to Italian. To my surprise, I could follow and understand the show! The show in particular had a medical theme at times and therefore I did have to check a few sentences. This was easy to do as I only needed to pause the show, change to English subtitles to see the translation and immediately change back. Fantastic!

Which way will you try out next? What do you already do? Leave a comment below.

Andrea xoIMG_8380.JPG


4 thoughts on “4 Ways to Use Netflix for Language Learning

    1. Languages are fantastic! I can’t describe how or why it brings me such joy. Good luck with your language learning journey 🙂


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