June Language Goals

Last Month’s Goals with Commentary:

  • Listen to 2 X Ted Talks in Italian.
    Okay. I listened to one that I quite enjoyed about the incorporation of English words into Italian slogans/ lifestyle etc.
  • Complete one Duolingo progress test every month.
    Nope. Duolingo has also now taken this feature down while they change around the site.
  • Write all notes and journal entries for myself in Italian.
    Good. This has gone well. I haven’t written as much as I normally would but I have done this.
  • Make sure to have Italian media as ‘background noise’ when I’m not watching or listening to something already. I usually do this, but I need to tighten up on this helpful habit.
    Okay. I could do this better.
  • More carefully listen to and analyse the language choices of Italian speakers.
    Okay. I’m trying to think about what Italian speakers say more and notice how their errors in English link back to Italian grammar.

June Language Goals

  • Begin private lessons to further engage me and my speed of learning.
  • Make more Italian coffee dates.
  • Read two books in Italian, easy or more difficult.
  • Continue my Duolingo streak.
  • Make more effort to read the Podclub.ch transcripts.

What are your June language goals?
Leave a comment or link me your update below.

Andrea xo


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