Single-Zip Bag Travel Hack


IMG_2715.JPGBeing an Australian woman from a single-parent family means I have had to be independent for most of my life. So when I’m travelling, having items stolen from my bag is a big concern for me, as I generally travel solo.

To overcome that, I like locking my bag zips which is easy when you have two zips. However, when buying my latest backpack, I fell in love with a black leather backpack that only had ONE zip. Che disastro!

Hopefully, my latest travel hack can help you more safely secure your single-zip bag on your next trip.

There are two ways that you can do this.

Method One:

1. Make a hole using a blade or other sharp tool near the teeth of the zip.

2. Thread a keyring loop through the hole you made, around the zipper teeth.

Method Two:

1. Find a D-Loop or other loop.

2. Using strong enough sewing tools, sew the loop securely onto the bag.

Obviously if someone has enough time with your bag they can get into it, however, you might find this to be a great deterrent.

Andrea xo


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