How to Organise Your Notebooks For Language Learning

Since I was a little girl, collecting my ideas into notebooks has always appealed to me. I would write and draw the things I desired and write to understand my feelings. Most of the time, my scrawls were about some boy or another but the way I use notebooks has really stepped up in the last four years.

It was after right after my first trip to Italy. I had chosen a notebook to detail my every thought and experience. And that’s what I did. I found the process so rewarding that it shifted the way I look at journal writing. Previously, I had thought that my journals needed to be filled with poetic prose and idyllic verses. Now I realise there is beauty simply in a filled notebook.

Today I’d like to share with you how I use notebooks presently as a part of my lifestyle and language learning.

1. Italian Class Notebook

This notebook is for my weekly Italian class. When I begin private lessons, it will come along with me.

2. Self-Study at Home

This notebook is for when I target a particular grammatical concept at home that I’m trying to comprehend. Oftentimes, I will use this notebook when I watch a video by WeilaTom or Learn Italian with Lucrezia.

3. Personal Journal

This is my personal journal that I write my thoughts, dreams and plans in. Just like when I was a little girl. However, the trick is that I write mostly in Italian. I’m very fortunate to be at a level that I can use mostly rough Italian to express myself. As a beginner, I would use the words and phrases that I knew, intertwined with English.

Ultimately, you can decide what suits your needs. Maybe you will experience most success from one filled notebook.

My advice? This is your notebook, however, don’t be scared of making mistakes. Many scrawled notes together make something beautiful.

Hopefully, today’s post provides you with some inspiration or ideas about how you can organise your own language learning.

Let me know below how you use notebooks on your language learning journal.




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