Prioritising Your Language Learning

Today I want to write to you about language learning and success. I remember when I first thought I might take learning Italian seriously. I would do some studying sporadically when I had some free time, which was great. But I didn’t really prioritise language learning. It was a hobby that I did when everything else in the house was done. Now with the experience I’ve had learning Italian I know now that learning a language is actually like a lifestyle. 
For example, think of a friend who has a gym lifestyle. Decisions all throughout their day and week help them work towards their particular goal of muscle building, fitness or weight loss. The smaller choices they make daily may be to eat healthy foods that serve their body to reach their goal. Maybe they make weekend choices to avoid alcohol. They probably get enough sleep and of course, they go to the gym regularly during the week.

If you really want to make progress, you need to prioritise your goal. 

If language learning comes second or third to your other hobbies and pastimes, how much success do you think you will experience?

Do you spend hours on Facebook and Netflix when you could be using that time to learn?

I don’t care if I’m in the middle of a party or on a bus, I will do my daily Duolingo lessons.

I prioritise Italian movie afternoons at my Italian school, conversation groups and listening to podcasts everyday.

I prioritise coffee dates with Italian friends, even if I’m tired.

I prioritise language learning every day. Just like a gym routine, I make time to practise everyday – whether I’m tired or not.

This is your goal and only you can help yourself achieve it.

Be honest with yourself-
What are you really prioritising in your life?


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