How to REALLY use a language learning CD

How many times have you seen a sale of language learning materials and felt inspired? Plenty, I’ll bet.

How many language learning books and CDs do you have sitting at the back of your bookshelp, barely touched?
Plenty, I’ll bet again. I know because I’ve just described myself.

I would get so excited when I wandered the aisles of the book shop, looking at the variety of language learning books that would magically make me a fluent, confident Italian speaker just by buying one of them! I know this to be untrue.
So how do I use language learning books and CDs? And why do I love them?

Today I’d like to share with you how you can easily more practicably use language learning CDs.

Firstly, you can use them in the intended way- follow the language learning program by setting up a study schedule for yourself.

But I know for many of you, this just doesn’t work.

Let me share with you how to get the most out of your language learning CDs with minimal effort.

  1. Copy the CD to your phone or mp3 player.
  2. Use the CD in your car for when you’re driving around. Instead of listening to music, maximise your time by training your ear to the target language.
  3. Listen to the tracks while exercising, doing dishes, cleaning, studying or commuting.
  4. Start with the first three tracks or so. Keep them on repeat. Then each day, add another track into your listening routine. Familiarise yourself with the content. Look to the accompanying workbook to clarify what you’re hearing.
    Don’t try to understand everything straight away!
  5. .Repeat after the speaker. Make your pronunciation sound like theirs. Pause the track. Play it again.

Training your ear to a language is an underrated skill and copying after the speaker is even more so.

These activities add so much value to your language learning journey when done consistently.
Don’t underestimate them.
And best of all, they require little to no effort.

Have you found another way to use your language learning materials?



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