One Good Trick That Intermediate Language Learners Should Know

Hi everyone! I can’t wait to share my latest trick with you. Most of us here in Australia are learning a language by our self. There are a select few lucky ones with partners or family members to practise with. Power to them! But most people I meet are quietly striving to learn a language by themselves.

Anyone who has met me a mere handful of times know that I love discussing and reflecting on mental health and self-improvement. So it would come as no surprise that this morning while I was on my usual 6am walk that I was recording myself reflecting upon a particular choice I had made the night before. Yes, I was talking to myself but really, it looked like I was on a phone because I had my earphones in. Not to mention there was hardly anyone out anyway.

The talk was going well (haha) so I expressed a few other ideas I had in my head about some past and upcoming events. Afterwards it I played it back to hear myself say those things. As it was playing, I stumbled upon another language trick to practise language learning.

  1. It occurred to me that I could have spoken in Italian the entire time. I have jotted this down in my mental notepad to try for next time.
  2. I began translating my thoughts into Italian. It was really interesting to note that for some phrases, I didn’t make a literal or direct translation- instead I opted to use Italian expressions I already knew.
  3. I could take this a step further and listen to the recording again to type into Italian on my laptop, as these are things I talk about in my daily life and I should practise what I say naturally.
  4. It was great to pause the recording to find or check the words I had forgotten or didn’t know how to say.

I have a lot of confidence in doing things that other people think are unconventional, but really, what’s more important? Learning a language I’m passionate about or doing something a little bit weird that doesn’t hurt anyone?

Thanks for reading and I hope that you give this a try 🙂

Andrea xo


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