Use iPhone to Your iAdvantage!

If you haven’t already put your iPhone or other into your target language- do it now!

All sorted? Okay, let’s move onto this week’s language learning tip.

Earlier on this year, the school I work at had an inspirational speaker come to visit. He is an incredible, funny and caring man who is blind and came to share some stories about his life. Being blind, he obviously needed to use his phone, but not in the same way that people with sight could use their phone. Instead, Lorin Nicholson used the features that Apple provided in the accessibility menu.

This morning while I lay sleepily in bed, I wanted to read a particular article in Italian but decided it would be easier to listen to it.

I went to Settings –> Accessibility –> Speech –> Read Selection/Read Screen and I adjusted the speed.

In Italian: Impostazioni –> AccessibilitĂ  –> Voce -> Leggi selezione/ Leggi Schermata

In this menu you can also change the reading voice. I’m currently downloading ‘Luca’ to see what a male voice is like.

I chose Read Screen and you take two fingers literally from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen. It will read everything on the screen, which includes the menu. You can skip through this with the speech menu that comes up.

Anyway! Give it a try to see what suits you.

Andrea xo


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