One Way to Target Your Language Learning Weaknesses

I’ve been spending more time with my Italian friends which obviously brings up areas of weakness. Rather than feeling bad about this, I prefer to get excited about the fact that I have enough mastery in Italian to be aware of these weaknesses. If I know what my weaknesses are, I can do something about them. How cool!

  1. Make a list.
  2. Research and practise the concepts in your spare time.

I keep a note on my iPhone with this list. When I have some spare time- waiting for a friend, catching the bus, 5 minutes on my lunch break- I can look up articles about the particular concepts to get some targeted practise in.

Here is my list for example:

– i numeri
– pronouncing /e/ as /i/
– i verbi riflessivi
– congiuntivo
– prepositions with the infinitive (when and which to use)
– pronouncing words with single and double letters ‘sete’ ‘sette’ etc

Some ideas to target them:

  • I’ve downloaded the Tiny Cards app by Duolingo to search and save pre-made flash cards or alternatively I can make my own.
  • Search webpages
  • Practise writing or saying the particular topic
  • Asking my Italian friends to give me examples
  • Writing a list of words to practise pronouncing

Is this something you already do? Let me know 🙂


Andrea xo



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