How can you (a native speaker) help me on my language learning journey?

At some point in our lives, we’ve interacted with someone trying to speak our native language. As it goes with languages, sometimes our language learning friends have more experience with expressing themselves verbally, or the opposite- with reading and writing. You can’t really know without asking.

I can’t speak for all language learners but here are some things I’d love to share with you for when you speak italian with me. 

  • Speak clearly and a tiny bit slower. I feel nervous about making you speak like this, but I appreciate it so much.
  • If my level is high enough, or you think I can work out the verb/word/ sentence, give me time to think.

These two tips impact the most on my language learning.

  • If I ask you to repeat, it’s because I didn’t hear clearly (for whatever reason) or I need more time to process what you’re saying. There’s no need to switch to english straight away.
  • Help me feel comfortable to ask how to say something.
    Say the answer slowly and clearly.
  • There’s no need to correct everything I say (It’s tiring for you and I’m probably aware of every single mistake) but if you hear a repeated error, please correct me.

Above all, know that I am grateful that you are speaking to me in my target language. Thank you so much!

What would you like a native language speaker to know?

This article has been taken from my active blog: Andrea Loves Italy


2 thoughts on “How can you (a native speaker) help me on my language learning journey?

  1. These are great tips for native speakers to help you with your language learning, Andrea!
    But it’s also a pretty tough list. If only we could hand this ( written in target language) for a native to study before we start communicating with them!
    Even some language teachers could benefit from your suggestions…LOL
    Thanks for fun post…Regards.Marie.

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  2. Haha you’re absolutely right! Language learning IS difficult but now that I’m clearer about what I need, it helps me better communicate my needs better when the situation arises.


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